How it Started

It all started at an annual camp in the Cederberg… a friend asked Vonnie Heyns: “Why don’t you roto-mould a caravan?”. A seed was sown and a dream was born. Vonnie Heyns (Director 4EVR Plastic Products) came home and researched the best design for roto-moulding seamless pods. The solution being a practical teardrop trailer.

Being an avid camper, all the essentials and best layout was created, but it needed a great design, different from the rest. Having worked with Retief Krige from RKID on many projects before, he was the logical choice. And so, the Edgeout was born, a dream combined with innovative, cutting-edge design…

Edgeout, the ultimate teardrop.


Edgeout teardrop trailer specification
Edgeout teardrop trailer specification
Edgeout teardrop trailer specification

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Edgeout Teardrop

The Edgeout consists of two separately moulded units – a sleeping cabin and a kitchen at the back. This robust, low-maintenance trailer sleeps two people (roof-top tent could be added).

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Living in the Edge

At EDGEOUT we merge our cutting-EDGE technology with your need to escape. EDGEOUT is a simple getaway solution, equipping you to experience the wonders of South Africa. Combining fanatical attention to detail with the ultimate comfort, this light-weight teardrop trailer does not require a SUV to tow. Contact us now to experience the EDGE above the rest.